CEO & Founder

Hi 👋  I’m Matt, an expert fundraiser that has led and worked with dozens of campaigns and nonprofits to raise over $12.4 million.

I’ve tried every fundraising strategy, tool, and trick out. Each time I’ve gotten a little better at putting together a team, creating a great strategy, and meeting the monthly, quarterly, and annual goals.

The one piece of the fundraising puzzle that I couldn’t find a way to improve were the tools. I tried all of them. Most were too complicated, expensive and slow, especially for campaigns raising less than $500,000 or $1 million, and so I pieced together my own toolbox. I started combining google sheets, mailchimp, paypal, etc…

In some ways that worked, but I was always logging in and out of different services, doing double data entry, losing my notes, and still using spreadsheets.

I realized that I wasn’t the only fundraiser that needed something better, so I built FundHero as that simple tool I always wanted. The tool that makes it easy to:

  • Easily accept credit card donations
  • Import your contacts
  • Quickly view contacts, contact history, pledges, and donations
  • View your fundraising progress
  • Create beautiful and free donation pages
  • Integrate with all the services you already use.

Try FundHero out, and let me know if it helps you like it’s helped me.