Lighting fast contact management to track your conversations, donations, and next steps.
Easily create, manage, and search your contacts.
FundHero’s easy to use CRM is beautiful and allows your team to manage your donors with ease. Everything is on one screen and there is no need to waste your time editing excel sheets.
Collect and store a complete picture of your donor on one screen.
Make memory your superpower by remembering every donor phone number, conversation, pledge, and contribution with FundHero. Easily track all your conversations, create follow up activities, and track pledges until they become contributions on one, simple screen.
Manage your contacts by assigning them to groups.
With FundHero, you can organize your contacts in any way, shape or form with contact tags. Want to pull up all your contacts that attended an event? Done in two clicks. Need to create a call list? Just flag the contacts.