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Superheroes don’t work at desks. Get all your donor info on your phone or tablet.
Your database at your fingertips
Your schedule is packed trying to save the day. FundHero works on all your devices so when you have those extra moments you can do some quick fundraising. Access a donor profile right before a meeting or check your conversation history while sitting on the couch and before you respond to an email.
Build a list and make calls on the move
Your sidekick is ready to go whether you are behind a desk or flying through space. Pull up contact lists, flag names, send thank yous, and add information on the go.
Work smartly, not just remotely
Load premade email or text message templates immediately after a meeting or log a call right when you hang up. FundHero’s web based mobile platform makes it easy to follow up right away, minimize your “to-do’s,” avoid having to put things off till you are “at the office” or a desktop.