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Make fundraising your next superpower.

Fundhero guides you 100% along the way. From your first donor list to automated pledge follow ups.

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Thousands of dollars raised, the smart way.

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Fundraising Guidance
Donation Page
Donation Page

Getting started is hard, which is why we make it easy.

Get started for free, as low as 8.99 per month for all premium features.

*No payment info required, cancel anytime.

Fundraise smarter with built-in automation. Spend more time with people, less time with spreadsheets.

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Email Templates

Automate your donor outreach with optimized fundraising templates or create your own. Simply load the template, personalize your message and hit send.

Tasks & Reminders

Create and assign tasks across your team to keep track of important follow-ups, outstanding pledges or missed acknowledgements.

Automatic Donation Tracking

Fundhero's smart CRM fills in the gaps for you. Donor accounts and donation records are automatically created as your money comes in.

Easy Reports

Choose from report presets or create custom reports. Filing for financials made easy.

Not sure where to start or what to do next? Find the right rhythm and maximize your donor engagement.

Campaign Dashboard

Keep track of performance metrics & donor engagement to reach your fundraising goal.

Smart Groups

Smart Groups help you identify contacts that need attention. Whether it’s active donors, recently contacted, or miss acknowledgements.

Contact Groups & Donation Tags

Keep your donation records tight and organized with contact groups and donation tags.

Build your Fundraising Team

Bring everyone on your team on the same page and accelerate your fundraising efforts.

Take donations the easy way. Fundhero's donation pages are optimized for high conversion rates.

Mobile Optimized

Our donation pages follow best mobile practices to ensure that your page is at its best on any device.

Donors Cover Processing Fee

Send personalized follow-ups to new prospective donors to ensure that no pledge goes unfulfilled.

Recurring Donations

Stabilize your cash flow with monthly recurring payments. Donors can save their payment information and subscribe to a monthly plan. Fully automatic & pain-free.

Personalized Pledge Follow-Ups

65% of our donors choose to cover their transaction fees to ensure that you meet your goals. More money goes toward you.

It’s time to make fundraising your next superpower.

Get started for free, as low as 8.99 per month for all premium features.

*No payment info required, cancel anytime.