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Zach Robinson
Sandy City Councilmember
Running a campaign is hard work. When I was running for Sandy City Council, I had a full-time job, a full-time family, and needed to find a way to be a full-time candidate - I wanted to win! FundHero was slick and saved me tons of time.
Jessica Fredrickson
Utah Outdoor Partners
When we were starting our non-profit, we didn’t have hundreds of dollars a month or the time to manage a complicated CRM. So much of our early time was spent networking and talking to people. While Google Sheets worked at first, after a few conversations or phone calls, it became sloppy and difficult to follow. FundHero was a huge help!
James Rogers
Salt Lake City Council
Fundraising is not my favorite part of a campaign, but I know that campaigns need money and it meant I needed to fundraise. FundHero helped me track all my fundraising activities in one place.
Five reasons to supercharge your fundraising with Fundhero

#1 - Create your campaign donation page

Accept credit cards straight to your bank account in five minutes or less.
Not sure on how to best take contributions from your donor base? FundHero comes with a fully automated donation page that seamlessly integrates into your CRM system. Not only does it look professional but it's also optimized to maximize your donations.

#2 Donor focused CRM system

Lightning fast contact management to track your conversations, donations, and next steps.
FundHero’s easy to use CRM is beautiful and allows your team to manage your donors with ease. Everything is on one screen and there is no need to waste your time editing excel sheets.

#3 - Automated Reports

Don’t get lost in the weeds. Track your campaign's performance and set goals for your team.
FundHero’s easy to pull premade reports give you all critical information right at your fingertips. Preset reports make filing your financial report, running a mail mail merge on your outstanding pledges, or even seeing your recent conversations simple and easy.

#4 - Mobile Friendly Design

Time is limited and superheroes don’t work at desks. Get all your donor info on your phone or tablet.
Fundraising does not occur behind a desk. Need to call a donor? Load their contact and call them right from your phone. Want to add a prospect to a call list? Flag them in FundHero from your mobile phone so you don’t forget to follow up.
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